Atomy Compensation Plan

Atomy has been able to develop its networks nationally and internationally based on 2 criteria

  • The products: Quality and price
  • The confidence that consumers have in these products

This trust creates a strong bond between the company and its consumers. Thanks to this trust, each member does not hesitate to present Atomy and its products with pride to other people, whether they are family members, friends or colleagues. In return, to thank these loyal users, Atomy has set up a remuneration system that converts the purchases of these members into commissions, revenues, bonuses and premiums.

Convert your expenses into income

Atomy’s vision is to help households make the most of quality products at the best prices while being compensated for those purchases.

Through your daily spending on everyday products such as, skin care, body care, soap, laundry, or others, you earn points that are indicated according to each product. The purchases of other people you have sponsored will also earn you points, called the Group PV. All these points will be calculated twice a week to determine the cashback value to be paid to you.

Giving comfort, quality to households and helping households to earn more passive income is thus Atomy’s priority.

How to generate income with Atomy? 3 keys steps

3 steps to generate revenue with Atomy:

  1. Register
  2. Consume
  3. Refer

Register: By creating a customer loyalty account and becoming a professional member of Atomy, the brand gives you the opportunity to generate revenue.

Consume: Just hearing others talk is not enough. It is only by consuming the brand’s products that you have real knowledge of the quality of the products. This way you will have confidence to introduce the products to other people.

Have you used the products offered by Atomy?

Are you satisfied with them?

Recommend : The satisfaction you get through your consumption of Atomy products will naturally make you talk about the brand without realizing it. This recommendation is the beginning of your business adventure with the Atomy brand.

Tell other people around you. Give your opinion on Atomy’s products and recommend them to your friends and family. They too deserve to use the quality products. The more you spread the word, the more referrals you will get. Without any effort, you can do it naturally with anyone, anywhere, anytime, in a park, at a picnic, at a family dinner during a weekend, at the school outing with other parents or during a night out on the town with friends.

What do you earn with Atomy?

With atomy, you can earn commissions, bonuses, and other gifts. There are 4 types of commissions:

  1. General Commissions (44% of total VP)
  2. Mastery bonus (20% of total VP)
  3. Bonuses for each level of mastery (products, laptop, travel, cash, car, office, driver, expense account)
  4. Income from the open education center (6% of the total VP of the centers)

Here is what a member can earn by summing up all the benefits given by Atomy


Monthly compensation (general commission + bonus)

Imperial master

+/- $ 50 000

Crown master

+/- $ 40 000

Royal master

+/- $ 30 000

Star master

+/- $ 20 000

Sharon rose master

+/- $ 10 000

Diamon master

+/- $ 4 000

Sales master

+/- $ 2 000

Remuneration of Atomy members

1. General Commissions

As mentioned above, you earn the PV points indicated for each product when you purchase it. These points are called personal PV. You only need to have 10,000 personal PV, or 30 € of purchase to be eligible for commissions. These points will never be reset to zero.

To qualify for commissions, you must form your group of referrals by respecting the binary system of Atomy’s marketing plan. Thus, you create a left and right branch when you refer your friends. Their purchases allow you to earn group VP. When you reach a required level of PV (PV of your left and right branch and your own PV), the commissions will be calculated automatically.

The general commission is calculated daily and paid weekly.

The following diagrams explain the commission levels that can be generated.

2. Mastery bonus (20% of total VP)

In addition to general commissions, 20% of all PV sales are distributed based on mastery. There are 7 levels of mastery. 10% is reserved for the first level of mastery, i.e. the sale master. The other 10% is reserved for the other 6 mastery levels as shown in the diagram above. The mastery bonus is distributed every 7 days after the accumulation period. To qualify for these levels of mastery, you must achieve set goals (challenge cycle), between the 1st to the 15th of the month or between the 16th and the end of the month.

3. Bonus of mastery

As you pass each level of mastery, Atomy will give you gifts to congratulate you on the path you have taken and encourage you to continue on your adventure while accompanying you along the way.

Mastery Incentives

Sales master

HemoHIM (1 set), atomy 6 skin care set (1 set), atomy evening care (1 set)  


Diamond master

laptop or tablet, HemoHIM (1 set), Atomy skin care system 6 (1 set), Atomy evening care (1 set)


Shraron Rose master

$2,000 cash, 2 travel tickets


Star Master

$10,000 cash, 4 travel tickets


Royal Master

$50,000 cash, *$2,000 per month for sponsorship activities, car rental fees, 4 Travel Tickets (10 nights and 11 days)

Crown Master

$300,000 cash, *$5,000 per month for sponsorship activities, luxury car, 4 Travel Tickets (10 nights and 11 days)


Imperial Master

$1 million in cash, *$10,000 per month for sponsorship activities, a luxury car, an office of approximately 1700 m² with a personal assistant, a driver, 4 travel tickets (10 nights and 11 days)  

4. Income from the opened education center

Atomy reserves 6% of total PV on training, members as well as all its staff.

These training centers are managed by a qualified director. The goal is to set up a training and information system that everyone can be interested in. The success of atomy lies on the continuous training on the advancement of the company as well as different policies and various news.